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We've outgrown our current building and have begun the rather daunting process of developing and planning the next step. We're still in the early stages, but hope to have regular updates on our progress.

If you would like to contribute to this project via internet banking, money can be deposited into the following ASB account: 12 3085 0233172 51, or alternatively placed in an envelope labelled "Building Development" in our offertory. (Don't forget to put your giving number or name on it so that we can give you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year.)

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Easter 2017 Update

The Easter 2017 FUNding Campaign update: Easter 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Christmas 2016 Update

The Christmas 2016 FUNding Campaign update: Christmas 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Easter 2016 Update

Read the latest update from the Campaign Office: FUNding Campaign - Easter 2016 Edition.pdf

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Christmas 2015 Update

The Christmas 2015 FUNding Campaign update: Campaign Office Christmas Edition Newsletter.pdf

August 2014 Update

The Parish has designed a new worship area and adjacent facilities which will connect the existing church building at 22 Moire Rd with the church offices at 24 Moire Rd. This enables the Parish to conserve the existing building and to convert the upper level into a hospitality area; it ensures ease of access to the offices and counselling area; and gives additional multi-purpose space below the new worship area. New stairways and toilets and additional storage areas are provided.

In order to fit the new building within the dimensions of 24 Moire Road it is designed to come over the front yard slightly.

We will also be requesting Auckland Transport's permission to position two disability carparks in front of the new building for level access to the worship area and offices.

A larger carpark has been designed on the lower level by the civil engineers (ACH Consulting Engineers) to provide fifty three car parks. This carpark will have a gravel surface as the land cannot carry a hard-top surface. A swale is provided with an underground tank and outflow to the storm-water system. Rain water will also be conserved and used for toilets. The access driveway will be widened to double-car width in concrete or tarseal plus a pedestrian walkway.

Uses of the proposed building

These uses are not new to the current building but will be enhanced and able to be developed by the presence of the new building and its spaces. The likely uses of the building fall roughly into four categories: Christian worship, nurture of children and youth, congregational life and community service activities.

The proposed new worship centre is nestled between the existing worship building which will be freed to be used for all the community groups that want space and the Parish offices established in the house on the corner. With the proposed multi-purpose rooms available under the proposed new building and those under the existing church building there will be space for the community activities that presently use the existing building.

Traffic and Carparking

A total of fifty three carparking spaces are provided on the lower level where the existing carparking area is. Two further spaces including one mobility space are provided behind the Parish building.

The existing accessway from Moire Road to the carparking area will be upgraded (widened to provide two way passing traffic) and sealed. A new footpath to the carparking area will be provided.


None of the activities are new to the site. The site has had a church (worship) activity as well as community and outreach programmes for many years. It is an integral and active part of the Massey community. The community accepts and lives with the activity and the effects associated with them. There is likely to be an increase in numbers and over time more community and outreach programmes may be added. This may result in increased noise levels. Counteracting that to some extent is better space for the activities meaning less congestion and possibly less noise. The proposed worship space adjoins church buildings on two sides which tends to hold the sound inside thereby reducing the impact on neighbours.

Our dream is that the larger building will enable us to enhance and develop the many ways that we can bless and serve the wider community of which we are a part. Our vision is to be a lively, welcoming, spiritually vital community of faith serving God, our members and the community we live in.

As part of our application for Resource Consent a Town Planner has produced an Assessment of the Environmental Effects on the Environment (AEEE) document which you are more than welcome to read. To access either a hard or digital copy of this 25 page document please email the church office: or phone 832 5998.

We are hoping to have the Resource Consent application lodged prior to Christmas 2014.

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November 2012 Update

Elevation plans are now available for the Building Project.

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February 2012 Update

We have our first concept of the new church building. Many of the details will change before the final, and before any design is finalised there will be parish meetings for people to approve the design.

Church of the Good Shepherd Development - First Concept

A Special General Meeting was held this February to approve the church purchase of an adjacent property at 4 Holmes Drive. The preamble document (containing a timeline to date and also the Motion for the meeting) and the Minutes for the meeting are attached below.

Special General Meeting 2012 02 - Timeline and Motion re 4 Holmes Drive.pdf
Special General Meeting 2012 02 - Minutes.pdf


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